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Welcome to

My HomeTown


We're dedicated to helping Connecticut residents find and support

their local businesses, as well as discovering some

new places to get out and explore!

We hope that as time goes on, we will become your

favorite source of information for




In today's digital age, if you'd like to find out about something, you'll probably just "Google it". But quite often, that can result in being  just the first step...meaning... you may still have to search a bit more for the actual website you are looking for.


When we originally began thinking about something that could be different than what's out there in the market already...our primary goals were simple!

  • Find a topic that would have an appeal to many people....which is one of the reasons why we are centered on where we all live

  • Give people an easy way to find what they are searching for

  • Give people a wide variety of information about where they live

  • Give participating businesses a very low cost, effective way to reach people who may be interested in finding them

  • Provide readers with "link options" that will provide them with maximum information...which may include sending them to other websites which we feel provide quality information on the topic that the reader is seeking


Based upon the above, focuses upon - Eating - Shopping and our HomeTown State!


When you use My HomeTown Connecticut", we hope you will take your time to discover the truly wide array of things there are to discover on our website and in our state....and that we may become a source of information that you'll use often.  Finally, we certainly hope  you'll tell your friends about us.

As you go through the site, please don't hesitate to let us know about a business, restaurant or place that may be of interest to you, so we can contact them and see if they will join our site. And/or...let the businesses you frequent know about us as well.

As we move forward, we will continue to seek new ways to expand, in order to provide more information and different ways to engage people in learning more about our hometown state.


Thank You...Welcome!



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